Certified Project Manager Professional Institute  Project Management Certification Certified Project Manager Certified Project Manager Professional InstituteProject Management Certification Certified Project ManagerCertified Project Manager Professional InstituteProject Management Certification Certified Project ManagerCertified Project Manager Professional Institute

AAPM ® American Academy of Project Management ® Accreditation Standards
For Over a Decade, the International Board of Standards has been on the forefront of accredited education and professional certification. With Members in Over 150 Countries, the AAPM ® is the fastest growing graduate certificaiton body in the world for management professionals.

Certified Project Manager - CIPM Certified International Project Manager Accredited Professioanl


If you have 3 years of Project Management Experience and qualifying PM Education and Training, you may apply for MPM™ Master Project Manager, CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager ™ or PME ™ Project Manager E-Business ™ Board Certification.  

If you have a diploma, masters degree or qualified Project Management training or experience, apply now for a executive waiver. If you are not sure, simply email your resume and we will provide a review. Click Here to Read about our Executive Exam Waiver Protocol for Managers, Degree holders, Military, DOD and other. See our list of certifications. Licensed Engineers now also pre-qualify for eligibility.

Instructors and Professors - If you have been qualified to teach   Project Management within the government , then you are automatically qualified to apply for certification.

News: IPMC ™ Approves 40+ Project Management Training Programs. Approved Training Programs - Graduates of these training programs can apply for a waiver to obtain the MPM ™ Master Project Manager Designation and Credential. See List If you take any IPMC ™ Accredited Program, you will automatically qualify.

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 - To submit a resume, mail to  You will not be charged unless you are approved for Certification. If rejected, there is no cost to you. After you join, you are required to agree to our professional ethics and attend PM continuing education per year.

. For In-House Executive Training for companies, institutions or government agencies: Click Here

Military Educational Advanced Placement Exemptions: Approved by the Board.

* Initial Certifications are good for 2 years and there is a nominal good standing fee after 2 years to remain a member.



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